Constance Carleen Ross

Designer Kelsy Carleen Parkhouse grew up in Long Beach, California. The collection is named after her mother’s mother Constance Carleen Ross, who passed away long before Kelsy was born. She raised her daughters to be independent and prolific in their creativity, a legacy that Kelsy inherited and channeled into her designs.

Kelsy began sewing as a small child and never stopped. After moving to New York and completing a BFA in Fashion Design at Pratt in 2012, she founded Carleen, using the five looks from her thesis collection as the starting point for her Spring 2013 collection. With her rigorous education and years of experience in the world of garment production, Kelsy has a keen eye for construction, and each Carleen garment is created to the highest standards of design and quality.

In the mythology of the line, Carleen, like her ancestors, feels the pull of the unknown and leaves home to experience new places. Her clothes reflect her adventurous spirit and innate style, playing with notions of luxury, utility, simplicity, and individuality.

There is an element of the bare and the windswept in Carleen’s world, an allusion to the wide-open, sun-bleached California landscape that Kelsy explored as a child. For her, and for Carleen, it represents the potential for endless discovery.

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